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We have all felt the power of music and how it affects our mood. Our favorite tracks can brighten up our day, it can change a boring and ordinary day into something magical and spiritual. It provides not only solace, release, and strong sensations, but it is proven to enhance our verbal IQ and it has been used for aiding in heart disease treatments. The way it works with our minds is simply fascinating, provoking colors in them and even helping us see happy faces all around. The effects of music are so huge that they spread out throughout our whole bodies, right from our genetic code, through our bodies and out into how we relate in groups. Ringtones are no different. Music ringtones can also influence your thoughts and mood, whether they play when you receive a call or a message. If you have your favorite song set up as a ringtone, it can certainly lighten you up and maybe remind you of the best night in your life or bring more life to another memory of yours. You can’t get your ringtones from your phone and definitely not from our device’s apps. If you want to set up a ringtone, you will have to find them elsewhere, but don’t worry - in this review you will read the crucial things when it comes to free ringtones.

About iTunes Billboard Top 40 Chart

Ringtones are melodic sounds that play whenever you receive an incoming call or a message on your phone. They are a great way to personalize your phone according to your own personal taste. There are number of reasons why you should use a ringtone. For example, any phone nowadays allows you to set up a different ringtone to signify different callers. Also, they are awesome for identification, meaning when your phone rings, you will always now that it is yours. Plus, let’s face it, having a phone with personalized ringtone is fun and more appealing for your surroundings.

Do you want to set up your favorite songs as a ringtone? Or maybe the new hit this month? Where to get the top free ringtones? There are plenty of websites out there that allow you to download their ringtones for free. However, before downloading whatever ringtone you pick, make sure it is safe and virus-free. Also, many of the ringtone websites are full of ads, other require registration, etc. Yes, we know it’s quite a hassle. But, if you’re an iPhone user you can use the iTunes store. Each week there is an updated chart of the top 40 hits and each one of them can, of course, easily be downloaded and set up as a ringtone on your iDevice. This is perhaps the safest and the best way of setting up a ringtone. Thanks to Billboard Top 40 Chart you can always stay up-to-date with new songs and hits that come up each week and get them for absolutely no charge!