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The music is a medicine for the soul, but also for the body. It is not a line of words and it can be described. Music means so much to us and we truly think that everyone deserves to listen to good music every time and everywhere. That is why we started Free RingtoneS. From day to day we have a goal to always provide our visitors with fresh music ringtones that they can get for free and fast.

Growing up in the 90s and loving the music in the early 2000s, also meant that we also witnessed the digital and mobile revolution. Even on our old Nokia phones we always wanted to have our favorite songs on our phones. As the time went by, we remember when we paid tens of dollars just to get a certain song as a ringtone via SMS. But, now we think that the ringtones should be free and easily accessible.

Everyone should be able to get his favorite chorus or melody as a call or a message ringtone. adores ringtones and will always provide fresh content organized in a neat and intuitive way so the users are able to find their favorite songs much easier.

The ringtone could mean a moment, a memory, love or sadness. It could mean a lot of “firsts”: the first time you’ve kissed your partner or first song you’ve danced to; the first time you’ve met someone. It could remind you of a period of time as well: summer, autumn, spring, and winter or simply remind of a period you’ve to spend somewhere or with someone. Ringtones can tell stories and simply be more than just a ringtone. We are passionate about providing outstanding ringtone, so be sure to follow us frequently.

Our mission

Music can help us feel much better. The music enhances the mood and reduces depression. No matter what music you listen, it has the capacity to prosecute those negative emotions and improve your mood. While enjoying the music, it releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which sends signals of pleasure throughout the body.

Thus, setting up a song that is positive and uplifting as a ringtone can truly make you feel positive. Our mission is to help you find the best free ringtones without an effort, easy and fast.

We all need daily inspiration. We all need the perfect ringtone. We are sure you don’t need any more persuasion, just go and get your favorite ringtones for free!