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Free Ringtones

What is free ringtones?

Ringtones are a great way to express your personality and tell the ones you are close with and the people around you what you really like to listen. The free ringtones are mp3 files that are acquired for free on the Internet and then they are setup as ringers when you receive calls or messages on your phones. They can be in the form of real songs, by real artists, or they can be sounds, voice tones, recordings etc.

How to Download Free Ringtones?

Even though there are a lot of ringtones that are paid, it is easy to note that every ringtone should be free, although currently there are many websites selling them. It shouldn’t be like that, you should easily be able to acquire them for free. So, if you want to get free ringtones, the answer to the question how to download free ringtones is easy. One of the best websites that offer free ringtones is Free

The process of getting free ringtones on this website is really easy. You just need to go to the website, select the one you like and you will have it m4a, m4r, mp3, wav and mdi format ready to use. There are no fees or sign ups. You can easily preview any song and see from where the ringtone starts. The website also gives various useful info prior download, like type of file, file size, name of artist and song etc. After you finally decide which free ringtone you want to get, you need to tap the download now button and that is it. You will have a free ringtone on your phone or personal computer.

The cool thing about this website is that you can browse through different ringtones really easy. They are all divided into various categories that will make things a lot easier for you. You can browse for real songs divided by categories, but there are also great cool sounds turned into ringtones. Animal, funny, voice tones ringtones are just some of them. The website also features “search” feature where you can search free ringtones by certain keywords i.e name of artist, song or genre. In that way you will get to your free ringtones much faster.

How to use the free ringtone?

There are multiple ways to get and use the ringtone on your phone. If you browse the website through your phone then the ringtone is located in your downloads section on your phone. Just play the file and find a menu in which you should select “set ringtone as”. In that way you can select your ringtone for calls and messages. If you are browsing through a computer, your free ringtone will be located in the downloads folder of your computer. From then on you can transfer it on your phone via USB cable or use some cloud service like dropbox to download it on your phone.